Virus removal

If ye be connected to the Internet a time will come when a bug will crawl up yer computer's britches. Weebit can help by providing ye with our virus removal services.


Something not acting right? From Boot issues to loss of video, Weebit can diagnose yer hardware issue and restore yer system back to yer liking.


Sometimes just a little shoe polish can shine up an old shoe. Ye can save yerself some money an keep using your existing computer with a Weebit of help.

Computer Sales

When it be time to get a nice shiny new computer, we at weebit can build ye a new desktop or a lovely new Toshiba laptop.


If'in ye be wanting this computer to connect to that one, Weebit's Networking services are what ye need. From business class servers to new routers we can do it all.

Free House Calls

Ye just dont know what be wrong with yer system, so ye dont want to be luggin the whole darn thing somewhere. Weebit can come take a peek make sure its not be something simple.


 -C. Hanel, Author & National Presenter

“Wee Bit Computers saved my business reputation when they answered my SOS call for help.  The night before I was to leave town for a presentation to an audience of 500+, my computer became infected with a virus and shut down.  When I called Roger he understood my problem, got me in – fixed and on the road in time for my presentation with a fully functioning laptop!  I wouldn’t call anyone else!”

-John Obstarczyk, Owner
John Obstarczyk Insurance Company

“A quick response to my system being down – they got my office up and running in no time, without draining my checking account.  If you have a computer related problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Wee Bit Computers”

-John Bickford, President
A.M. Bickford, Inc

“Thank you Wee Bit Computers!  We are a small local business that relies almost totally on our computers and internet for receiving orders and shipping electronically via UPS. We also appreciate the recommendations for security and back up, should the need arise.  Wee Bit Computers keeps us up-to-date with our equipment at very reasonable prices.”

-Willink Financial Services

“Our firm has been with Wee Bit since they opened their doors over a decade ago. This speaks for itself.  We have found them to be responsive, professional, and skillful in assisting us with our IT needs.  We look forward to many more years of service with their organization.”